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Businesses and organizations today are increasingly channeling more efforts towards becoming active participants in giving back to the community. Such acts of philanthropy and charity come in handy to give businesses a huge boost through corporate social responsibility. For a business to succeed in this initiative, however, it needs the full involvement of its employees. To fast-track employee involvement in charity, businesses should endeavor to create the right environment by taking key measures.

Hiring the right workers

Businesses should start the process of creating the right environment for community involvement among employees by ensuring that it hires workers who have a special liking for social work. Candidates for particular positions in an organization should, therefore, be evaluated on whether they value charity and are willing to collaborate with other workers in the organization in championing for charity-based community projects. Hire employees with a passion for giving back to the community.

Incorporate giving into the organization’s culture

Hiring charitable employees is only the first step. Given a chance, businesses should consider making charity work as part of the internal culture. This ensures that every aspect of the business’s operation focuses and revolves around benefiting the neighboring community. It creates the right atmosphere, for instance, for ensuring that part of the proceeds of the business can be automatically channeled towards charity.

Recognizing participants

Workers who participate in community projects focused on giving back to society through charity should be recognized and appreciated. Show participants support and encourage them to keep going. Such recognition serves as an incentive to encourage more workers towards channeling their efforts to charity. It also serves as a motivation to such workers to continue in CSR efforts which often give the business a boosted reputation.

Enhancing employee involvement

To get more employees involved in community projects, emphasis should be put on ensuring that such programs are championed, organized, and run by the employees themselves. This can be done by allowing the workers to come up with projects for charity and community development. All aspects of the entire planning and execution of the projects should be employee-focused.

Making volunteer work fun

Workers’ focus on community-based philanthropy can be further refined by ensuring that such programs and activities are designed to be as much fun as possible. The business can, for instance, have the employees organize themselves in the form of teams for internal competitions during the community projects whereby the winning team is awarded.