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Based in Chicago, Zvi Feiner guides FNR Healthcare Group, and he has overseen more than a dozen skilled nursing-facility acquisitions. Profit-focused, Zvi Feiner has also supervised a diverse health-care portfolio and directed successful transition processes that bolstered operational performance.

Zvi Feiner has also lead Feiner Investment Corporation, which focused on commercial real estate investments designed to maximize returns while offering multiple exit strategies. He additionally served as the principal of Wi-Fi Investments, and he has overseen investments valued at more than $80 million, having successfully built up a client base of high-net-worth investors. He has also directed the stabilization and repositioning of properties, in such that they provide positive long-term cash flow.

Today, Feiner is committed to his work with Gefen Investments. As the President of Gefen Investments, Zvi Feiner focuses on investing in properties across different asset classes, to give them the ability to ride out the financial highs and lows of each individual market, maximizing the chances for our investors to see above-market returns. Zvi focuses on office, healthcare, and hospitality properties in which he has firsthand industry knowledge, experience and a proven track record of success.

Gefen Investments represents a national group of investors seeking quality real estate assets in select markets. Its principal investors have been involved in acquiring and developing commercial, industrial and healthcare real estate for more than three decades, and currently own a real estate portfolio valued at well over $400 million, with properties throughout the United States.