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There are many people out there that would love to help out a charity but do not possess any disposable income to offer up a donation. Thankfully, many reputable charities around the world accept non-monetary donations that can take on many forms. Some charities prefer people to donate their time, rather than money. Other charities gladly accept donations in the form of canned food products, used clothing, used electronics, and unused toys for needy children. Donating money to a charity is the easiest form of philanthropic activity, however, it is far from being the most preferred charitable donation.

The Donation of Time

There is a large number of charities that prefer to receive a person’s time donation rather than a monetary donation. Charities that cater to senior homes, children’s hospitals, and schools often prefer a person to physically help out with the charitable cause rather than simply cutting a check.

Lend Your Voice

There are many charities that seek to amass a large and unified voice to use to create social change and support other important issues. Rather than giving one of these charities money, a person can pick up a placard and join in on a group protest to push for meaningful and lasting social change.

Give Canned Foods

Most canned food products have extremely long shelf lives. Many charities encourage the general public to donate canned foods instead of money. Canned foods are a great means to help out anyone in need of a decent meal. Canned foods are also extremely durable and easy to transport without the risk of incurring damage.

Donate Blood

Donating blood can quite literally save a life. If you possess a rare blood type or a common one, it matters not. Any blood donation will likely get used as most national blood banks run constant shortages. Donating blood is completely painless, takes very little time, and is one of the most important donations a person can make.

Donate Clothing

Making a clothing donation to a charity that helps homeless people is incredibly important. This is especially true in an area with extremely cold winter climates. Every year hundreds of homeless people pass away due to lacking proper clothing needed for extreme winter temperatures.