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The goal of every not for profit organization is to raise funds for a specific cause with as little overhead costs as possible. Although this may be an oversimplification, the premise is accurate. Nonprofits typically work toward a single common goal and want to be diligent in their approach to spending.

The challenge is that each non-profit fundraising effort require an amount of marketing and advertising in order to be successful. Some printing companies and media outlets will offer reduced prices for non-profit agencies, which helps defray costs associated with raising awareness. Social media platforms offer unique ways for nonprofits to maximize their public exposure.

Campaign Notifications

People look to social media for all sorts of information. Nonprofits can post information about upcoming events to raise awareness. Multiple social media platforms that sync information about current campaigns offer free publicity. The track record for increased turnout due to social media posting is outstanding. Social media pages can also be used to update the public and interested donors about recent activities. This form of transparency is simple and shows a dedication to the cause at hand. Changes to the Board of Directors and other pertinent information can be publicly shared without the high costs associated with printing and direct mail campaigns. There are so many obvious benefits in communicating through social media that nonprofits are wise to take advantage of this free space.

Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing are important for any organization. In much the same way that corporations brand their products and logos, non-profits must brand their own missions. There are many charitable organizations to choose from, and donors will perform a reasonable amount of due diligence before making a contribution. Non-profits are responsible for producing information about their fundraising efforts as well as the results of their research or other activities. When donors are able to find this collective information quickly, they are more likely to proceed with a contribution. Most social media platforms now offer various ways to establish online giving. This secondary benefit is most helpful for non-profits who make full use of their social media pages. Donors are multiplied greatly through social media postings, and even smaller contributions help non-profits reach major goals.