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One of the greatest lessons a child can learn is gratitude. It’s not an innate trait but something that can be developed over time. By teaching kids how they can make a difference, they will build empathy as well as develop other essential skills.

As parents, finding a way to help children build a grateful and giving heart starts at home. One way to help them learn is through volunteering.

Volunteering can be beneficial to their self-image and wellbeing. Through volunteer work, children can develop leadership skills and the ability to work with others. It will help increase your bond as a family as well as develop a sense of responsibility.

Here are the best ways to get kids involved with the community.

Volunteering Time

There are countless ways kids can get involved by spending time helping out. Kids can learn by volunteering to prepare and hand out meals to those in need. They can volunteer at a special event for an organization.

You can check out local charities or your church to discover the opportunities they might have for youth volunteers. Here are more ideas for volunteer opportunities:

  • Participate in community clean up
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Help out at the library
  • Search for events with local charities

Donating Items

When kids donate items they no longer need, one easy way to do this is to participate in seasonal food donation drives at church and school. Another way is to let them help or choose clothes and toys they no longer wear or play with then heading to the donation center.

Raising Awareness for a Cause

Informing your child about a cause can help them become more aware. In turn, they can raise awareness by sharing it with others. This can be done easily at home or with the assistance of an organization.

They can begin by learning about the cause. Awareness can start with word of mouth and explaining what they’ve learned and why it matters. They can create a fundraiser, start a petition or throw an event to bring in donations and build even more awareness.

Another idea is to check out charity family-friendly marathons or walkathons. This helps to raise awareness and support.

There are many ways to help get your child involved with the community. There are also just as many benefits. On top of that, you’re teaching them to help make the world a better place by being selfless and charitable.